Vineyard Experiences, Interviews, and Much More to Come

Apr 05, 2019

Welcome back everyone!

Finally I have finalized all my traveling logistics for my project! The third week of April I will be on my way to Napa Valley to visit my first vineyard, Medlock Ames. I’m going to be spending a few days there and then returning to NYC to pack and get ready for France. On April 26 I am boarding a plane and flying across the Atlantic Ocean to France. I will be living in Cadillac, which is a small town 30 minutes outside of Bordeaux, and working and immersing myself in my second vineyard, Vignobles Lataste. I am there for about two weeks and fly home on May 15. Once home, I will be heading to Calverton, Long Island to work with Rex Farr on his completely organic farm named Organic Farrm Wines.

I have exciting news for next week as well! On either Tuesday or Wednesday I will be interviewing the owner of another Napa Valley winery called Rudd Winery. Rudd Winery is an extremely well renowned organic winery. Situated on the backbone of volcanic rock, Rudd produces unique wines that are perfect reflections of the vineyards terroir. Rudd Winery considers its team to be winegrowers rather than winemakers as the key aspect to their wines success is their decision making in the field. They value having a complete understanding and control over their land as the information they learn from studying the cycles of each season allows them to “bring out the unique potential of the Estate’s land.” I will be interviewing Oscar Henquet, the estates director, on how he runs a successful organic vineyard and how his passion for wine helps him in doing so.

The next few weeks hold a lot of opportunity and I can’t wait to finally be onsite at the vineyards!

4 Replies to “Vineyard Experiences, Interviews, and Much More to Come”

  1. Samuel L. says:

    Sounds like you have a lot going on! It’s really amazing that you will be traveling so much. I wonder how the distant regions you are visiting will differ in their techniques.

  2. Mina S. says:

    Hi Liam, I hope you have a great time next month! I was just wondering, why did you choose these sites in particular?

  3. Eva Y. says:

    Sounds really interesting! Do you expect to find any differences among those sites that might stem from environmental factors?

  4. Eva Y. says:

    Sounds really interesting! What are your expectations for the different sites? Do you already have an idea in mind of how the environment of vineyards would affect the quality of grapes produced?

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