Let’s Get Down to Business!

Mar 23, 2019

This week I spent a limited time in the lab. My advisor was in Washington DC for a medical conference so I just came in every day and checked on the breast cancer cell lining.

On Monday, I came in and met with the lab technician in the cell culture room. We discussed how the cells were growing and looked over the various glucose and peptide solutions to see whether anything needed to be replaced or refilled. There was not, but in a few weeks I will have to mix some more 0.1M, low glucose solution. We are using low concentration glucose (0.1M instead of 0.25M) because it creates the ideal pace for the cancer to grow at (for our experiment).

Throughout Tuesday and Thursday, I would come in to do check ups around the lab. My advisor had emailed me several research papers so I could familiarize myself with the new line of experiments that he was doing. Therefore, I spend those days in his office reading and taking notes.

On Friday, I came to the lab to find Dr. Pincus and his resident Bo, who was back from DC. Bo and I planned out my schedule for the next few weeks. Because she would be going on her surgical rotations next week, I would have to spend a large portion of time alone in the lab. She would email me the concentrations to test and I would run the experiments and report back on the data gathered. We also reviewed the poster she was putting together to publish the data found over the summer.

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  1. Noha K. says:

    The experiment you are conducting involves many samples of cancer cells in different solutions of acetone and the peptide being tested, right? So, over the eight weeks of research, what kind of maintenance will you do for the samples, and by what mechanisms will you measure your results?

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