Can we Translate the Universal Language of Music using the Universal Language of Math? – Introductory Blog Post

Mar 21, 2019

Heyo! You might know me as a friend, a student, the owner of A Bit of Chiptune, or maybe you have no idea who I am. Regardless, welcome! I’m Cass Adams.

This blog acts as a log for Music, Math, and Memes, an insane project I’m doing this Spring. I’m going to intern at an audio post-production company and research how humans experience frequency in sound.

When most people hear the words “frequency” and “sound” they think of wiggly lines, used to represent sound-waves. I will be researching those eventually, but the first couple of posts will be about much s l o w e r frequencies. Frequencies so slow, we don’t even perceive them that way.

I am talking about Christmas songs that play each year, or the phrase: Staaand Clear of the Closing Dooooors Please, which plays on the loudspeakers repeatedly whenever New Yorkers ride the Subway. These are sounds someone might hear frequently. I will look into how our perception of these sounds change as we are exposed to them more. I plan to increase the speed as I continue to research, turning the dial up to rhythm, tones, and more.

I find this topic incredibly interesting both as a student and as a music producer. I’ve been gearing up for this project for years, so if you’re lover of media or science get ready for some cool stuff.

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