Mar 19, 2019

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is William (I go by Liam) E. and I am a senior at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. Finally the time has come for me to embark on my Senior Project, and man am I excited. For the next 10 to 12 weeks, I will be learning the ins and outs of the biodynamic winemaking process.

I have studied French in school for the past eight years, it has even become a passion for me. For my Senior Project, I wanted to explore some realm of French culture. I wanted to study something, however, that went beyond just learning about culture and language. For that, I looked to food and wine. Fine wine has become synonymous with France and French culture. Personally, I’ve experienced wine in a familial setting. Wine is the ultimate adult-party time gift. Whenever anyone hosts the family for dinner, it is seemingly required that the guests bring along a bottle of wine. I wanted to understand the culture behind this ritual. However,  I also wanted to present something new. I wanted to provide alternatives to bringing a simple bottle of traditional wine. This lead me to biodynamic wine and biodynamic winemaking.

You might be thinking, “what is biodynamic winemaking?” Well, biodynamic winemaking is the process by which winegrowers plant, grow, collect, and ferment grapes into wine completely without the use of chemicals. That’s right, no pesticides, fertilizers, artificial preservatives, or any other extra chemicals. The questions I am aiming to answer are what truly makes biodynamic wine healthier and can it turn a profit in an already established market? Furthermore, how has the production of biodynamic wines fared against that of the traditional form of winemaking?

To answer these questions, I will be traveling to three separate vineyards. First, I am traveling to Napa Valley, California to visit Medlock Ames, a completely biodynamic organic vineyard. After some time there, I will be traveling abroad to Bordeaux, France to live and work at Vignoble Lataste. Finally, once I return from France, I will be living on my third and final vineyard, Organic Farrm Vines in Calverton, Long Island. By exploring these three different regions of the wine world, I will be able to create a comprehensive answer to the mystery of biodynamic wine.

You can check out my proposal here:

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