Mar 18, 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Eva Y. and I am excited to begin working on my senior project! This past summer I was able to intern in a pathology lab, working with an anticancer peptide. I had always been interested in chemistry and science, and I was able to express that in the lab. However, I ended summer wishing that I could continue my lab work and see how the research would end. That particular anticancer peptide, pnc27 had been studied for almost a decade and there was a large possibility that the study I was involved in might move to clinical trials. Therefore I decided, that as my senior project, I would continue my internship. I am working with Dr. Matthew Pincus in the SUNY Downstate Pathology Lab trying to find the ideal concentration of pnc27 that should be paired with acetone to induce cancer apoptosis. Ketones have been shown to stop the growth of cancer because they create an alkaline environment which is detrimental to a cancer’s growth. Because incorporating this diet into in-vitro cancer studies is a new process, I will be working to determine the correct concentration of acetone and pnc27 that must function together to stimulate a situation that, not only stops cancer growth, but destroys the mass altogether. The next eight weeks in the lab will be spent incubating the cancer cells with different solutions and then tracking the growth and death rates through a computer program. The project’s results will be used to further cancer research in regards to cancer related peptides and dietary needs.

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