Mar 18, 2019

My name is Noha K. and I am very passionate about public health, especially as it relates to disease. Most global health problems are influenced by factors as diverse as domestic politics, socioeconomic status of those affected, international response to the issue, and climate change, among others, and it is important to have an understanding of all of these factors in order to solve the problem. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect about a billion of the poorest people on the planet. They are infrequently treated and poorly prevented, despite the fact that most are curable and/or preventable. NTDs comprise part of the poverty trap, the cycle that keeps poor people trapped in poverty. They are often permanently disabling, preventing sufferers from working or attending school.


Much of my family is from Sudan. Although many NTDs are currently a public health problem in Sudan, there is little publicly available literature on NTDs in the country. During my senior research project, I will be in Khartoum, Sudan for the month of April, working with the World Health Organization to gather data on who is impacted by NTDs, how their lives are affected, and what long term measures can be taken to mitigate the effects of NTDs. I will synthesize the information gathered in a research paper at the end of this term project.

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  1. Mina S. says:

    Very interesting! Do you have a contact in New York to help you before and after you come back from Sudan?

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