Introductory Entry

Mar 15, 2019

My name is Peter S. and I have been a student at BASIS Independent Brooklyn for four years. For my Senior Project, I am excited to discover how luxury and exotic automobiles are made to be high performing without compromising safety. To answer my question, I will be interning at a boutique auto shop, Corsa Motors LLC. Through this project I will not only further my appreciation for the engineering that goes into making exotic and luxury cars, but I will also learn why is it that these cars are above the rest in speed and safety. Working closely with James Mesina, a mechanic of 18 year, I will learn what it takes to repair and maintain these vehicles as well as see what is under the hood. After giving my presentation I hope to explain the difference in safety features of different exotic cars and what allows these cars to be so fast.

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  1. Ryah A. says:

    Do you happen to know if your findings on what features make exotic cars safe can possibly be applied to more mainstream car brands such as Toyota or Nissan?

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