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At BASIS Independent Brooklyn, learning and fun don't stop when the regular school year ends! BASIS Independent Summer proudly offers a wide variety of academic and recreation programs and is conveniently located on our school campus and taught by our BASIS Independent expert educators and staff. 


DAY CAMP $575 per week

Hours: 9am–3pm with Free Early Bird option 8-9am; Late Bird 3-5pm $100 per week


Week One 7/10-7/14: Safari - Jump on the summer camp safari and explore the wonders of the jungle! During this week of exploration, campers will examine the plant and animal life that exist in the jungle, engage in numerous art projects and get ready to experience wildlife first hand with our field trip to the Prospect Park Zoo!


Week Two 7/17-7/21: Treasure Island - Board the ship and travel to a deserted island. There is a treasure hidden somewhere in the darkest cave on the island. The trouble is, we have no map to get there! Campers must design a map which includes landforms, bodies of water, transportation methods, and a KEY! At the end of the week we will use the maps to find the hidden treasure.


Week Three 7/24-7/28: Discover the Decades - Have you ever been in a time machine? During this summer program, campers will board the time machine each morning and spend their day in a different decade! Campers will enjoy the style, music, and vibes of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.


Week Four 7/31-8/04: BASIS Independent and the Chocolate Factory - Welcome to the land of sweets. During this week of exploration, campers will learn how to measure ingredients while creating their own recipes, and wrappers for their unique candy. With our field trip to a Brooklyn chocolate factory campers will have a full understanding of the process behind the chocolate bar.


Week Five 8/07-8/11: Pack Your Passport - Have you taken your passport photo yet? Before we board our cruise ship and travel the world, campers will create their own passport! On day two they will board the ship and travel to another country! Get ready to learn the famous landmarks and taste the local cuisine. At the end of the week, campers will visit a local restaurant specializing in a global cuisine!


Week Six 8/14-8/18: NYC Experience - During this week of excitement, campers will learn NYC as a true tourist. From the Empire State building to the Statue of Liberty, campers will be ready and willing to share fun facts about their homeland! With our field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, campers will be able to draw the Brooklyn Bridge as if they were NYC artists!



FULL DAY PROGRAMS $700 per week

Hours: 9am–3pm with Free Early Bird option 8-9am; Late Bird 3-5pm $100 per week


ASTRONOMY For students entering grades 5–8. Join Mr. Winter for an “out of this world” experience! Students will learn the principles of astronomy in both the classroom and during field trips to local sites of interest.

DATES: WEEK ONE 7/10–7/14

FULL DAY: 9:00 AM–3:00 PM


MANDARIN IMMERSION For students entering grades 14. From the moment they walk into the classroom until they leave for the day, students will be speaking in Mandarin! This program welcomes students with no prior foreign language exposure. To enhance the traditional classroom instruction, students will connect to Mandarin through art, music, and group-based projects.

DATES: WEEK THREE 7/24–7/28 AND WEEK FOUR 7/31–8/4

FULL DAY: 9:00 AM–3:00 PM


HALF DAY PROGRAMS $350 per week

AM Hours: 9am–11:30am with Free Early Bird option 8-9am

PM Hours: 12:30–3:00pm with Late Bird 3-5pm $100 per week

AM & PM options can be combined for a Full Day 9am–3pm


ENGLISH ENRICHMENT English Writing & Critical Reading Mr. D’Amato leads this entirely skill-based program will focus on grammar, writing, critical reading, and note-taking skills. Students will review and solidify their understanding of English grammar concepts, and will learn how to apply those concepts to their writing. Grades 5–7 students will also focus on critical reading and note-taking skills aimed at preparing them for middle and high school. Grade 8 students will include a focus on test-taking, critical thinking, and writing to prepare them for the SAT, AP exams, and college-level classes.

DATES: WEEK TWO 7/17-7/21 and WEEK THREE 7/24-7/28

HALF DAY: 9:00-11:30 AM for students entering grades 5-8


MINECRAFT Students will do just as the name of the computer games suggests: they will mine the soils of their virtual world and craft these harvested materials into various tools and elaborate buildings in order to survive. Gameplay involves both solo and team-oriented objectives using MinecraftEdu, the educational version of the game. Instructor: D’Amato

DATES: WEEK TWO 7/17–7/21 AND WEEK THREE 7/24–7/28

HALF DAY: 12:30 PM–3:00 PM for students entering grades 5-8


SAXON MATH REVIEW AND PREPARATION (for students entering grades 5-8)

This critical program will give students the opportunity to learn and/or review essential topics to help set them up for success in math for the year to come. Incoming students, as well as current students, desiring review will benefit from the focused approach and further practice offered by through the program. The program is flexible: students can enroll for one week, concentrating on preliminary material, or two weeks for an introduction to material from target math levels. Instructor: Das

Level I

Intended for those going into Math 8/7 to Algebra I. Topics include but are not limited to basic operations, order of operations, word problems, basic geometry, etc.

Level II

Intended for those going into Algebra 2. Topics include but are not limited to order of operations with fractions and negative numbers, geometry and basic equation solving.


Level II HALF DAY: 9:00 AM–11:30 AM for students entering Algebra 2

Level I HALF DAY: 12:30 PM–3:00 PM for students entering Saxon 8/7 to Algebra I



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